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Carema Classico


Carema Classico D.O.C.



Vineyard location



Red, dry, still, non aromatic, average-aged wine. Intense aroma, medium body. Fermentation in steel. Maceration approximately 12 days. 2 years ageing of which 12 months in large oak barrels.
ABV 12 – 12.5%
Total Acidity 5 – 6%

Sensory profile

Ruby red, medium persistence with garnet highlights. Spicy notes of cinnamon nutmeg and fruit in alcohol. Soft taste, good tannins, acidity complemented by the sweet notes coming from ageing in wood. Intense aftertaste with spicy notes in the finish.

Service temperature 18 – 20° C

With tasty food, ravioli, risotto and polenta concia (polenta with cheese), meat rolls, pheasant and grilled meat. Cured meat and medium-ripe cheeses.


Bottles kept lying down in a fresh environment, better if in the dark, age well (for over 10 years) and are likely to age more.