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The Cellar

The “Cantina dei Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema” (Carema’s Nebbiolo Producer’s Wine Cellar) was founded in 1960 by a group of 10 resident winegrowers and producers.
At present, in the year 2015, the cooperative association has 101 members of which 71 contribute their grapes; they are all part-time producers with an average age of 55.

In 2013 Carema D.O.C.’s ageing cellar was refurbished. In the meantime, a number of very old barrels were disposed of and were replaced by new ones made of oak from Slavonia. At the moment barrels can contain up to a total of one thousand hectolitres.

By means of its top product, the “Cantina dei Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema” aims at safeguarding and enhancing the wine culture which is linked to the important wine growing and producing activity taking place in this special and quite unique environment dominated by the famous terraces with grapevines trained over pergolas supported by the typical pillars called “Pilun” made of stone and lime.

Carema wine is produced solely in the namesake municipality which at the moment has a surface of 13 thousand hectares and is listed in the “Albo DOC” (the Italian register for CDO wines) since 1967.

Point of sale opening hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9-12.30 am / 14.30 to 19.00 pm
Sundays and feast days: 14.00 to 19.00 pm
Closing: 1st January, Easter, 15th August, Christmas.