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Nebbiolo di Carema

Carema wine is made of 100% Nebbiolo grapes, as according to existing specifications approved in vintage year 2010 and comes with two apellations: “Carema” and “Carema Riserva”. Carema (black label) has a minimum ageing period of 2 years, of which 12 months in large oak or chestnut wood barrels. Carema Riserva (white label) is aged for a minimum of 3 years, of which 18 months in large oak or chestnut wood barrels.
The colour is ruby red verging on garnet; the bouquet is refined and quite characteristic, reminiscent of macerated rose petals; the taste soft, smooth, full-bodied; minimum 12% ABV; this wine has quite a long lifespan, reaching 20 to 30 years of age so long as the bottles are kept lying on their sides, better if in the dark in a cellar or in a place with a constant temperature range. It must be served at ambient temperature (18-20°C) and possibly be opened a few hours before consumption or let to settle in a decanter. Carema is a particularly good match with roast meat, game, red meat, ripe but not strong cheeses, or drunk as “fireside wine”. Very appropriate at the end of a meal, together with dried fruit.

Vine growing in the valley of Carema is a millenary tradition and what results from hard work is a powerful Red wine which has received many acknowledgements over the centuries. The bottler of Pope Paul III born Alessandro Farnese, the author of a wine guide dated 1539, defined this wine “an excellent drink, perfect for princes and lords”.
A 16th century treaty, the “De Vinis Italiae”, made reference to Carema as a wine served at the table of Popes, of the Dukes of Savoy and served as “wine for roast meat” to the French Royals. Time has certainly not weakened the character of this wine, defined by Mario Soldati “strong and likeable as the sun and the stone”.